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February Newsletter 2019


Healthy and unhealthy food!
Dear Parents,
February at Innocent Minds was so enriching as children got to know more about healthy and unhealthy food. They explored this theme through many exciting activities such as cooking healthy meals, tasting a variety of food, sorting food by categories, differentiating between solid and liquid, salty and sweet, sour and bitter.

January Newsletter 2019


Community Helpers!
Dear Parents,
Welcome to a new year! Our children at Innocent Minds were super excited about the month of January and all the learning opportunities it brought with it!


Tip of the week

You as a parent will be counting the days when your child will take his/her first steps. Then before you know it he /she will be running, jumping and climbing- and your main challenge will be to keep up with them.

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22 May 2019

Lantern &Maamoul Day