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January Newsletter 2024


Throughout the month, our young learners immersed themselves in the fascinating world of transportation. The inherent interest that children have in various modes of transport, be it cars, trucks, airplanes, or bicycles, became a central theme. This engagement was not only a reflection of their daily experiences but also an opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter.

December Newsletter 2023


As we approach the festive season, I would like to share the wonderful experiences your children have had at Innocent Minds over the past weeks. Our thematic focus on “My House, My Family” has allowed the children to explore new colors, letters, and vocabulary, fostering their ability to identify parts of the house, furniture, family members, and engage in themed songs.


Tip of the week

You as a parent will be counting the days when your child will take his/her first steps. Then before you know it he /she will be running, jumping and climbing- and your main challenge will be to keep up with them.

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06 Mar 2024

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12 Mar 2024

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