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May 2024 Newsletter


We are delighted to share the highlights of our “In the Garden” theme, a captivating and educational experience for our children. This theme helps foster an appreciation for nature’s small wonders, such as insects, plants, trees, and flowers.

April 2024 Newsletter


We are excited to share with you the highlights of April at Innocent Minds. This month, we focused on raising awareness about the importance of wildlife by immersing our little ones in the captivating world of wild and jungle animals.


Tip of the week

You as a parent will be counting the days when your child will take his/her first steps. Then before you know it he /she will be running, jumping and climbing- and your main challenge will be to keep up with them.

Our Calendar Notre Calendrier

18 Jul 2024

Bliss + Sanayeh: Outing Vol For children 2.6 and up

30 Jul 2024

Bliss + Sanayeh outing XOXO For children 2.6 and up