Our Curriculum

Highly responsive care early in life is critical to your child's success in school, relationships and in life. We at Innocent Minds provide a safe and organized environment where your child will not only be loved and cared for-but where our highly trained team will work to stimulate your child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.


Moreover, the highly specialized Montessori Materials help us guide the children through experiences in Practical Life exercises, Sensorial activities, Mathematical and Numerical skills, Cultural subjects, as well as Creative skills (Art, Craft, Music, Drama, Gym and Cookery). We also implement our own curriculum that we have designed and tailored over the years to suit your children's educational needs and requirements.

Student evaluations are based on both Montessori educational standards and the most current educational methods. Formal written evaluations that cover all aspects of education are completed and sent home twice a year.


Dr.Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870 and became the first women doctor in her country's history. She was one of the most influential pioneers in early childhood education & believed the years that children spend as toddlers are very important.

Maria Montessori's philosophy concentrates on every child retaining a positive attitude towards learning and acquiring confidence in a relaxed atmosphere.